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The term 3D Firefighting was coined by Paul Grimwood (London Fire Brigade Ret.) to emphasize the three-dimensional threat presented by compartment fires. 3D firefighting is grounded in an understanding of fire behavior and taking a proactive approach to controlling hazards in the fire environment. This process includes:

  • Increased situational awareness through ongoing size-up of key fire behavior indicators from both the exterior and interior of the building
  • Dynamic assessment of the risk associated with specific strategies and tactics on an ongoing basis
  • Proactive control of hazards presented by unburned pyrolizate and flammable products of incomplete combustion present in smoke
  • Control of both smoke and air through effective ventilation strategies integrated with fire control

3D Firefighting: Training, Techniques, and Tactics by Grimwood, Hartin, Raffel, McDonough was published in 2005 by Fire Protection Publications. This text brings together four tactical firefighting specialists from USA, Australia and the UK. Each author brings his own area of expertise to the publication in a way never seen before, truly from an international perspective.

Grimwood, Hartin, McDonough, & Raffel 

Paul Grimwood, John McDonough, Ed Hartin, & Shan Raffel at the 2008 International Fire Behavior Instructors Symposium in Revinge, Sweden

3D Firefighting Contents

  1. Extreme Fire Behavior
  2. Introduction to 3D Firefighting
  3. Firefighting in the Gaseous Phase and Critical Flow Rate
  4. Compartment Fire Development and 3D Size-Up (Risk Assessment)
  5. Practical Applications of 3D Water Fog
  6. Tactical Ventilation
  7. Compartment Fire Behavior Training (CFBT)
  8. CFBT Planning and Implementation
  9. 3D Firefighting and Current Standard Operating Guidelines
  10. Health and Safety During CFBT: Overview of Regulations and Standards
  11. Tactical Issues: The Future

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3D Firefighting: Training, Techniques, & Tactics is available from a variety of sources around the world, including:

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