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Fire Training Structures, LLC

Firefighters are at Risk!

Firefighters are at increased risk of death and injury due to trauma while working inside burning buildings. Extreme fire behavior is frequently a causal or contributing factor in traumatic fatalities during interior structural firefighting operations.

Fire Behavior Training is Critical

Safe and effective fireground operations require knowledge of practical fire dynamics as well as skill in the application of firefighting strategies and tactics. Compartment Fire Behavior Training (CFBT) integrates classroom instruction, simulation, small scale exercises and live fire training to develop:

  • A solid understanding of fire development
  • Ability to "read" key fire behavior indicators and anticipate fire development
  • Knowledge of how tactics will influence the fire and the environment inside the building
  • A high level of skill in application of these concepts

Lack of experience is often a factor in traumatic firefighter fatalities. While training alone will not replace actual fireground experience, effective CFBT can significantly increase firefighters' knowledge, understanding, and safety.

CFBT-US, LLC Provides Solutions

CFBT-US LLC is committed to reducing firefighter injuries and fatalities by helping firefighters and fire officers develop a higher level of understanding of practical fire dynamics and its application on the fireground. We do this by providing a wide range of training and consulting services built around the concept that a sound understanding of fire behavior is critical to safe and effective operations on the fireground. Our staff draw on current fire behavior research and practical firefighting experience in the delivery of effective training to fire service agencies around the world.

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